Small Backyard Landscaping Experts Here to Trim Your Trees!

Although trees appear to be self-sufficient, they require regular trimming. Getting rid of overgrown or loosely hanging branches from your small backyard landscaping will improve the appearance of your trees and protect them from disease. After all, tree infections can spread if the infected portion is not removed. However, this is not as simple as it appears, as you may further damage the tree if you use the incorrect method or tool. Leave the trimming to Manuel's Landscaping to ensure it is done correctly. Our residential landscaping services in Belfair, WA include precisely trimming the trees on your property.

Our Trimming Methods

It is critical to use the proper techniques when trimming trees. Otherwise, you risk causing additional damage to your trees. If you make the wrong cuts, you risk tearing off a large chunk of the tree and injuring yourself. This makes your tree susceptible to disease. However, we employ techniques such as the three-cut method in this case. We’ll first make an undercut about 6 inches from the tree trunk to take the branch’s weight away from the tree. The second cut will be made on the top side of the branch, followed by the third cut on the branch-bark collar.

Our Trimming Tools

We use the proper tools when trimming trees. For example, we’ll use pruning shears for small growth on your trees. We’ll use a lopper if you have fruit trees, vines, or branches about two and a half inches in diameter. We usually use pruning saws, ideal for units measuring 1.5 to 5 inches in diameter. We’ll use pole pruners, which can reach units up to 8 feet or more, for light trimming or to reach dead branches on your trees. If necessary, extension ladders will be used for the task.

For all your small backyard landscaping needs in Belfair, WA, turn to Manuel's Landscaping. We stand ready to realize your tree trimming needs, so call us at (360) 295-8234 now!